What price range can you afford?


Complete the following schedule of assets and liabilities and send to Farms 4 Sale who can help you determine what price range you can afford. (printable version at the bottom of page)


Statement of Assets and Liabilities for Mr/Mrs :




Assets R
House/property/farm (Area/Suburb/size/no of b/rooms)  
Household furniture/Personal Affects    
Vehicles, machinery or equipment (Make, Model, Year)   
Cash n the bank (Name of Bank and Account type)  
Total Assets   (A)  
Liabilities R
House/property/farm mortgage bond     (Name of bank)   
Vehicle, machinery or equipment Hire Purchase (bank)  
 Furniture loans (Name of Company, O/Bal owing)  
Clothing loans (Name of Company, O/Bal owing)  
 Bank (overdraft, loans, credit card, O/Bal owing)  
Total Liabilities  (B)  
Nett Assets    (A minus B) R


Notes to explain all of above:


For house, property, farm, vehicle, machinery and equipment loans please provide details of

  • Description of item financed

  • Original loan amount (R)

  • Interest rate (%)

  • Original term of loan (months)

  • Outstanding balance owing (R)

  • Remaining term of loan (months)

  • Instalment amount (monthly)

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